State of Independence

Welcome to New York City! The capital of the world and home to all of us, in one way or the other. The place where more ideas are born than in any other corner of the globe. The point where all paths cross. Upper East Side, SoHo, Wall Street – no metropolis is as diverse as New York City. There’s a distinct sense of freedom that you can feel everywhere: this is the place where you can be everything. Above all: yourself.

Be yourself – and live free

Juxtapose oversize silhouettes with tailored cuts. If you combine courageously and freely, something unique will come to life. Something that uncompromisingly follows your own radar in terms of quality. This is nonconformism – at the highest level.

Show your Colors

It‘s a desire for sovereignty. The courage to play with rules and to use them with a clear goal in mind: your own dream. Feel the unique vibration of summer, with its ease and light. Let patterns clash. Create harmony and contrast with colors. Bright, neutral or nature-inspired: modern style means showing your colors.

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