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The legendary coat is celebrating its 15th birthday and to mark the occasion, Strellson is launching an innovative Anniversary Collection.


The "We are one" campaign consolidates the Strellson Premium and Sportswear lines. With the Fall/Winter campaign, Strellson becomes unstoppable – it's the start of the Unstoppable Campaign.


The online shop is launched in 3 countries.


Strellson meets Bianchi: Strellson works with the legendary racing cyclist, Eduardo Bianchi, to create a custom-made fixed wheel bike and launches a Capsule Collection as part of the co-operation.


The first Strellson scent is launched as "Scent No 1".


Strellson cooperates with Pop Artist Mel Ramos and launches the Mel Ramos Capsule Collection.


Strellson is awarded the textile industry's coveted "Forum Award" in the category Industry. Strellson AG and windsor GmbH are merged under the HOLY FASHION GROUP umbrella.


The Swiss Cross jacket is developed from old Swiss army blankets and launched as a limited edition.


We move to the new headquarters in Kreuzlingen.


The former owners of Hugo Boss, Jochen and Uwe Holy, purchase Friedrich Straehl & Co AG, laying the foundation of the Strellson success story.