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Conditions of Participation and Privacy Policy for the Competition

"Cloud Coat"


The competition is organized by Strellson AG, Strellson Division, Sonnenwiesenstraße 21, CH-8280 Kreuzlingen ("Controller"). 

The competition is organized Mawave Marketing GmbH (Germany), Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 6, 80807 München (“Mawave”). 

With your participation in the competition, you accept the following conditions of participation and agree to the use of your personal data in accordance to clause 6. If you do not accept these Conditions of Participation and our Privacy Policy, you are not allowed to enter the competition in any way.

1. Course

The competition "Cloud Coat" will run from 02/12/2020 (10:00 CEST UTC+2) to 15/12/2020 (23:59 CEST UTC+2) ("one week") on Strellson's Instagram page (

To enter the competition, participants must follow the @strellson channel during the Competition Period and leave a comment in the comments section of the Strellson competition post your Coat size that you would wish to receive. For participation, it is sufficient if the comment contains only text/ numbers.

Each participant may only participate in the competition with one comment. It is permitted to change or delete a own comment and to post a new comment in its place. Decisive is the status of the comments on the expiry of the competition period.

All participants who participate in the competition with a comment in accordance with the present Conditions of Participation will be determined by lottery under the comments.

Please note:

· You may only post texts, images or video links for which you have the right to use in this competition, thus only texts, images and videos that you have created yourself.

·In addition, the content of your texts, images or videos must not infringe any rights of third parties, in particular all persons to be seen on your images and videos must expressly agree to the use and publication in the context of this competition.

· Of course, your texts, images and videos may not have any illegal or inappropriate content.  

· You are responsible for the content of the texts, images and video links you post. You are liable for claims based on a violation of the rights of third parties by the texts, images or videos posted by you.

· The Controller reserves the right, at the Controller's sole discretion, to remove any comments containing text, images or videos that violate these Conditions of Participation (on Instagram), or the Instagram Terms of Use, from Strellson's Instagram page at any time.

· Comments (and the included content) will remain published on Strellson's Instagram page for an unlimited period of time until the competition post is deleted. 

2. Prizes

On 16.12.2020, the winner will be determined by lot among all participants who have effectively participated in the competition in accordance with these Conditions of Participation. 

We will raffle among all participants:

1 x Flex Cross Cloud Couat

Each participant is only entitled to one prize. The right to a prize is not transferable, nor is a cash payment or exchange of the prize possible.

3. Publication of the winner 

First name and first letter of the winner's last name or the Instagram User's name may be posted by the Controller on Strellson's Instagram page ( for an unlimited period of time after the end of the competition period as part of the moderation. Third parties may share, like and comment on the posting. 

4. Notification of the winner, response and dispatch of the prize 

The winner will be informed of his or her selection as a winner at the end of the competition period on 16.12.2020 with a reply to his or her winner comment on Instagram and will be asked to respond within 3 working days of notification by e-mail to ( stating his or her full name, address (street, house number, zip code, city) and date of birth as well as dress size. If there is any doubt about the age of the winner, he/she must prove his/her age in a suitable form upon request.

The prize will be handed over in personal consultation with the winner after proper response.

If a winner does not respond in due time, a new winner from the remaining participants can be drawn by lot. The same shall apply if the prize cannot be sent to the winner within 7 working days of receipt of the feedback for reasons for which the winner is responsible (indication of an incorrect (e-mail) address, etc.). The winner is responsible for the correctness of the address data provided.

The Controller is not liable for a late receipt of the prize by the winner or for a loss of the prize in transit.  

5. Eligibility and exclusion from participation 

Each person may only participate once in this competition.

Eligible to participate are all persons of unrestricted legal capacity who have reached the age of 18 at the time of participation and are residents in Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

No prizes will be distributed to minors who nevertheless participate.

Suppliers, employees and executives, representatives, consultants and advertising agencies of the Controller and its affiliated companies including their respective families and household members are excluded from participation. Also excluded are their life partners and relatives in domestic community. Timely participation is determined by the time Instagram records the comment (text, image, or video) posted on Instagram.

The Controller and the Agency shall not be liable for the late or incomplete receipt of a post and, in particular, shall not be held responsible for technical malfunctions, e.g. telephone, network, electronic or computer failures.

Participation in the competition is free of charge with the exception of transmission costs incurred according to the tariff chosen by the participant for his mobile phone or Internet provider. Participation is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services or the subscription to a newsletter.

The Controller is entitled to exclude individuals from participation if there are legitimate reasons, such as a violation of the Conditions of Participation, (attempted) manipulation, etc., and reserves the right to take legal action. Exclusion is particularly justified if, at the sole discretion of the Controller, a participant posts any text, image or video that is unlawful or inappropriate, or any text, image or video that violates the Instagram Terms of Use.

If the conditions for exclusion are met, the Controller is entitled to withdraw or reclaim the prize at a later date. Exclusion for justified reasons shall not give rise to any claims whatsoever on the part of the participants against the Controller or the Agency.

6. Declaration of consent under data protection law 

By participating in the "Cloud Coat" competition, you agree that your personal data may be processed to the extent described below.

By following the @strellson channel during the competition period and posting a comment (text, image and/or video) under the competition post on Strellson's Instagram page (, you allow access to, storage and use of your Instagram username in the event of your selection as a winner for the purpose of conducting and administering this competition.

In addition, the winner's first and last name, address (street, house number, zip code, city), date of birth, dress size and e-mail address, as communicated in the response to the prize notification, will be stored and used for the execution and handling of this competition.

All data is stored electronically. The collection, storage and processing of the data is carried out by the Agency (Mawave Marketing GmbH (Germany), Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 6, 80807 München ), which has been entrusted by the Controller to carry out this competition.

Your personal data will be used exclusively for the proper execution and handling of the competition and will be deleted after the statutory retention periods have expired.  

7. Right of revocation 

You can revoke your consent to the use and storage of your personal data at any time without giving reasons. All you need to do is send an informal e-mail to

If the revocation is made before the competition is completed, further participation in the competition is excluded.  

8. Your rights 

You have a right to information about the data stored with us to your person. You also have the right to have your data corrected or completed and to have your data deleted or blocked.

To exercise your rights or to ask questions about data protection, simply send an informal e-mail to (

All personal data that you make available to Strellson AG will be used exclusively in accordance with the applicable laws and our data protection declaration, which you can access here:

The participant declares that he/she has read this general data protection declaration and consents to the use of his/her personal data as described therein. He/she has also taken note of his/her rights (e.g. information, correction, publication or revocation claims, right of objection, right of deletion).

By participating, the participant also consents to the personal data provided by him/her being collected, processed and stored on behalf of Strellson AG for the purpose of handling the competition. The provisions of the general data protection declaration also apply to this data collection, data processing and data storage as well as to the rights of the affected parties. If a participant wishes to assert specific claims (e.g. claims for information, correction, publication or revocation, right of objection, right of deletion) with regard to his/her personal data entered in the competition, the participant may contact our data protection officer. Mail to:

For complaints of a data protection nature, you can also contact a data protection authority.  

9. Liability and warranty 

Any liability of the Controller is generally excluded, unless the Controller or its legal representatives, executives or agents, for whom the Controller is liable, have caused the damage through gross negligence or wilful intent or have violated an obligation, the fulfillment of which makes the proper execution of the contract possible and on the observance of which the participant trusts and may trust (“cardinal obligation”). In the event of a slightly negligent breach of cardinal obligations, the liability of the Controller shall be limited to foreseeable, contractually typical damages. Liability for culpable injury to life, body or health as well as fraudulent concealment of defects shall remain unaffected. The same applies to liability under the Product Liability Act.

The Controller is not liable for the availability of the competition, in particular the Controller assumes no liability for technical malfunctions or failures in connection with communication networks or online systems that prevent the participant from participating in the competition.  

10. Miscellaneous 

The Controller is released from all obligations arising from the competition upon dispatch of the prize.

The Controller reserves the right to cancel the competition for important reasons. The competition may be terminated for good cause, in particular if the proper execution of the competition can no longer be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons. In the event of a termination, there shall be no claims whatsoever against the Controller and the Agency.

Legal recourse is excluded.

Further information about the data protection guidelines of the Controller can be found under:  

11. Severability clause 

Should any of the above conditions be invalid for any reason, the validity of the other provisions shall not be affected thereby.  

12. Distance statement 

The Cloud Coat competition is not related to Instagram and is in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Instagram. Instagram is in no way responsible for the content published as part of this competition.

The recipient of the information provided by the participant is not Instagram, but the Controller. The Controller indemnifies Instagram against any claims by third parties in connection with this competition.

Any questions, comments, or complaints regarding the competition should not be directed to Instagram, but to the Controller at